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About & FAQ's

About Us -

I get want to know who we are and just what is an Electric Wild Rag!?

Let's start with the Who - I am very proud to say that I am a Line Wife, my name is Lesa and my husband, Hoby, who is a Journeyman Lineman, has been in the trade for 40 years. We have two sons that are also in the line trade - a Lineman and an Apprentice - and we are extremely proud to be a part of the Line Family!

Okay, on to the What - Electric Wild Rags are Flame Resistant/Arc Rated Wild Rags, Neck Gaiters & Beanies created for Linemen and Apprentices, along with anyone requiring FR/AR PPE gear out on the job.
All of the fabric we use is manufactured in the US, along with all of our thread, tags and packaging.
Electric Wild Rags are sewn one at a time right here in Utah, along with our FR/AR Neck Gaiters & Beanies.

FAQ's -

How do I wash my FR/AR Wild Rag, Neck Gaiter & Beanie?

To maintain the flame resistant protection of the garment, please follow all laundering instructions and replace items when needed.

  • DO NOT use bleach, fabric softener, or dryer sheets.
  • Wash your FR/AR PPE separately from your regular clothes.
  • Regular laundry soap.
  • Maximum water temperature 165 degrees for cotton fabrics and 140 degrees for aramids or blends.
  • Dry thoroughly.

For more information about the Westex® fabrics that we use please visit

What is a Wild Rag?

A wild rag is a cowboy scarf or neckerchief that is worn for warmth, to protect from the sun, as well as dust, and sometimes used for a sling.
Traditional wild rags are made of silk and cotton.

How do you wear a Wild Rag?

We like to wear them traditionally, but the great thing about a wild can wear them and tie your knots any way you like!

Are these FR/AR Wild Rags just like my silk wild rag?

If you are accustomed to wearing traditional silk wild rags, please understand that FR fabric has different qualities and requirements making it thicker than silk.